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 - The Hotbox Growbox is a bench top, enclosed propagation cabinet designed for plant propagation and seed germination.
    Provides an enclosed, controlled environment as required for rooting of cuttings and seed germination.

 - The Hotbox Propagator delivers accurate, uniform heat to the base of the seed trays, to promote the germination of seeds or root cuttings
 - The
Hotbox Heatwave is a made-to-measure bench heating system which encourages germination, propagation and growth of seedlings
    and cuttings by delivering constant, uniform heat to the base of seed trays and plant pots.

 - The Hotbox Thermabed is a water-based system for root zone heating. Made to measure and designed to encourage germination and
    propagation, Thermabed is ideal for areas of 50m² or larger.

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