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Explanation of Terms:

Polythene comes in many different sizes and also can have various additives or properties. Polythene has changed a lot over the years!  Below is an explanation of some of the terms used:

  • Microns: This relates to the thickness of the polythene so for example:180microns x 4=720G,  200 mcns x 4 = 800G etc..  Reputable manufacturers or suppliers generally have this pre-printed on the polythene itself. It is also a good way of checking that you are getting the product that you ordered!
  • Thermic: The polythene is treated so that the temperature 1-2 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.
  • Anti-Drip or Anti-Fog: This reduces condensation and reduces the surface tension. Condensation evaporates or rolls off the film.
  • Diffused: This polythene better controls the greenhouse climate, by reducing temperature fluctuations. Peak temperatures are lowered while minimum temperatures are not.  Harmful UV radiation is shielded to prevent plant scorching. 


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